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I'm afraid those stories are right

Oh, uh. I those those stories are right.

I've seen these stories that because we've had such a mild winter ... or no winter at all, the bugs are going to come out sooner than usual.

I remember when my father got orders to Fort Polk, La., I was here, working. He called one day to see how I was and he told me that he was sure the mosquitoes just hibernate in the winter because in the spring, they were bigger than the year before.

I thought he was joking, until I went to visit that first summer. I thought those bugs were going to fly off with me because they were so big.

I've seen mosquitos and ants already. And I got my first bug bite of the year.

I think it may have been a flea. My mother thought she saw one on Piiko last night.

Yikes! It's too early.