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The slow crawl of Mitt Romney's challengers

As we here at the prophetic PP&B have foretold several times, Mitt Romney will be the GOP nominee for president.

We bring this up, again, because of the subtle shift in the tone of Romney's challengers. Both Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum have made passing comments about their willingness to serve as vice president (God bless them). That's a pretty big difference in rhetoric from just a few days ago, when Santorum said Romney would be the worst Republican to go up against Barack Obama.

Vice president talk on this level is like when the music starts playing during the Oscar acceptance speech. There's only so much time left before you've got to get off the stage, and everybody knows it.

The problem of delegate math has become too difficult to ignore. Current polls show Romney taking Wisconsin, which is generous to the winner in how it hands out its delegates. D.C. is coming up right after that, and Santorum isn't even on the ballot there.

Romney's delegate spread is already too big for Santorum to stop. Newt Gingrich is only still running in his own mind. Ron Paul is on Pluto.

That's it. Romney's the man. Pundits such as Sarah Palin making references to a contested convention are lying to you. Superdelegates, for lack of a better word, don't buy into the BS that a long, protracted primary season is good for the party. They'll flock to Romney faster than a candidate to kissing babies to push him over the delegate finish line.

It may not be over until the fat lady sings. But lemme tell ya, her voice is already sounding pretty hoarse.