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National Infantry Foundation to help sponsor World War II film trilogy

The National Infantry Foundation, which operates the National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center, has become a sponsor of  the World War II film trilogy, The American Road to Victory.

Produced by Livingbattlefield, the film trilogy has aired more than 1,200 times on PBS affiliates nationwide.

"We knew, after screening one of the films in our theater on Veterans Day, that we wanted to be a part of this," said Ben Williams, president of the foundation. "The films represent a great example of everything we stand for - real history for families."

Livingbattlefield CEO Heidi Lanni said the support is an honor. "Receiving support from such an important national institution tells us that our decision to work outside the box of traditional war documentaries - to look at war from the foxhole level - was the right one to make."

Still airing nationally, the film trilogy is a tour of battlefields shot in real time in exact locations. It  include testimonies, graphics and re-enactments.

Ellwood von Seibold, one of Europe's leading battlefield guides and honorary officer in the U.S. Army, presents the series. Viewers get a chance to travel along with Seibold in his 1943 Dodge command car from the beaches of Normandy to the freezing forests of the Battle of the Bulge.