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Don't like Katie Couric; love "DWTS"

On Facebook, I posted that I do not like Katie Couric and she's ruining my favorite morning show by subbing for vacationing Robin Roberts on "Good Morning America."

I was surprised that almost everyone agreed with me. My friend Kathy Sweet, said "I'm so happy you wrote that. I thought I was the only one who didn't like her."

No, Kathy, it turns out that out of 21 comments, only three liked her.

I don't know the woman, but she just seems phony to me.

But I do like "Dancing with the Stars."

This season is maybe the best bunch of celebrities the show has ever had.

Katherine Jenkins, the Welsh classical singer, is doing the best. She got the first 10s of the season for her waltz.

I'm not sure who I'd pick to win. It's going to be awfully difficult this season.

I do think Melissa Gilbert will be leaving tomorrow night. She was pretty bad, though any other season, she'd be pretty good.

And, oh, my goodness. The vision of William Levy doing the salsa ... Wow!