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Ready, walkers? Let's get shameful!

Welcome to my new home.

Recent changes in our website mean I've migrated away from good old Blogger and into the main digital realm of the Ledger-Enquirer. If you just got here, grab a drink and some spinach dip. Thanks for coming.

Almost six years ago, I started blogging as part of my official job responsibilities. I was navigating the blogosphere under a harsh realization shared by many journalists at the time: We'd shown up a little late for the online party.

Naturally, as a 20-something competing with countless other aspiring Carrie Bradshaws, my first approach to blogging was simple. Shock value! Shock value! Shock value! In fact, my first official blog post as a professional journalist concerned a trip to a local strip club.

Needless to say, that was also my first brush with the "unpublish" button.

A few years later, I've learned a little more about the delicate tightrope dance of blogging. You want to seem real while maintaining a sense of privacy. You want to seem cool and funny while reminding your readers that you're still a professional journalist. And you want to maintain the energy to update on a daily basis.

Easy, huh? Yeah, right.

So, what will you find here? This blog focuses mainly on relationship and dating issues, but don't hate me if I occasionally post a photo of my dog. You can also follow my "American Idol" blog here.

Hope you'll be back soon.