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Easter baskets aren't just for kids

Successful kids' Easter baskets tend to follow a simple formula that includes tons of candy, faux grass and a plush toy. Try sneaking in a healthy treat or some school supplies and you likely won't be very popular with that particular little one. However, creating Easter baskets for adults can be much more flexible. I love coming up with basket "fillings" for my husband and my girlfriends.

I've included makeup samples, small bottles of lotion, lip balm, notepads, post-it notes, colorful pens and other cute home office supplies in my girlfriends' Easter baskets. For those friends who like an occasional adult beverage, mini bottles of wine or liquor are fun additions. For friends who are on swimsuit diets, choose small packages of nuts, fruit and crackers. And don't forget dark chocolate has antioxidants, so in small doses it's actually good for you!

For my husband, mini bottles of gin, recipe cards with cocktail ideas, new earbuds and sports trivia cards have been popular basket fillers.

One Easter, my creative husband bought a large plastic punch pitcher and used that as my Easter "basket." (See the photo with this post) He filled it with my favorite candies. I used that pitcher all summer! For me, it was more practical and fun than a basket would have been.

Happy Easter!