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Rick Santorum quits race; we told you so

How happy are we that Rick Santorum announced Tuesday that he would suspend his run for the presidency?

Well, we here at PP&B are always happy when we're right. We told you Mitt Romney was going to be the GOP nominee, and so he will be.

Sure, you could argue that the likes of Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul are still in the race. Whatever. Gingrich has all but formally dropped out and Paul was nothing more than a wannabe Ross Perot this whole time. Both are little more than footnotes in this campaign.

Santorum was the one who'd become a real threat to Romney, and his decision to drop out before a possible loss in his home state was wise. His political dreams are still somewhat alive, if on life support. He could still make a run for it in 2016 when the field is wide open.

But Santorum's loss has proven something we believe all politicians should realize: You're not going to win by focusing on morality, especially in a bad economy. When the economy's bad, voters want to hear how some politician is going to make it better. Talk to me about family values when I have a job, a good house and the kids are in good schools. Until then, stay away from subjects that are only going to make you enemies.