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Pheromone Parties: Smells like a good hookup

You totally seem like my type. You're smart, funny, attractive and irresistible. But before we seal the deal...can I smell you?

Sound silly? Maybe. Yet in the dating world, some people pay a lot of attention to a possible link between scent and romantic chemistry. You've probably heard this discussed within the context of the term "pheromones."

I always considered pheromones an afterthought to the dating process -- until reading this Glamour blog post.

It describes the possible prevalence of Pheromone Parties, dating events that initially connect matches based on smell. Participants sleep in a clean, white cotton T-shirt for three nights prior to the event. Then, they put the T-shirt in a Ziploc bag.

Guests at the party walk around sniffing the shirts in the bags...and the rest is romantic history. Or not.

Do you think it sounds like a good idea? I suppose it's not much worse than some of the other blind-dating options that are out there, though I confess I'd cheat and lace my T-shirt with Victoria's Secret body spray. Deal with it.