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Obstacles grueling for some in Best Ranger Competition

After completing a 15-mile road march and obstacles at the Darby Queen, some teams in the David E. Grange Best Ranger Competition didn’t have enough left to scale a two-story wall today at the Selby Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain facility at Fort Benning.

The exercise was part of the third event in the 29th annual competition to determine the best Ranger team in the Army. The event, which ends Sunday, kicked off at 6 a.m. with a buddy run followed by a road march before 50 teams took part in an exercise to clear buildings and rescue injured personnel. 

Team No. 49 with Capt. Robert Killian and 1st Lt. Nicholas Plocar of the National Guard ran into trouble when one Ranger failed to scale a rope hanging from the west wall of a two-story building. Missing the obstable could cost a team member five minutes to make up later in the competition.

A handful of supporters looked on as Ranger teams dropped from the helicopter and entered buildings with weapons firing to rescue a 180-pound dummy on a stretcher.

“They are hanging in there,” Jeff Jackson said of his son Sgt. 1st Class Robert Jackson and partner Master Sgt. Joshua King.  “They’ve got to be tough. Wow.”

The leaders of the competition wasn’t available at just after noon today.