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34 teams still competing in Best Ranger Competition at Fort Benning

 The second day of the 29th annual David E. Grange Jr. Best Ranger Competition started with  34 teams today after losing 14 teams to a 20-mile road Friday night.

The losses mounted after two teams were knocked out due to injuries early Friday in a 15-mile march, said Rick Rosado, a public affairs spokesman at Fort Benning. The competition started at 6 a.m. Friday with 50 two-man teams competing to become the best pair of Rangers in the Army.

As teams prepared for Day Stakes at Todd Field, a popular event for spectators, team No. 42 with Staff Sgts.  Ramon Santiago and Chad Acton of the Ranger Training Brigade at Fort Benning was in first place followed by team No. 38, Sgt. 1st Class Conrad Kaluzny and 1st Lt. Travis Cornwall. Capt.  Capt. Erik Edstrom and Staff Sgt. Sean McApline of the 3rd Infantry Regiment  in team No. 22 were in third place.

Family and friends of Ranger teams were scattered over the field, watching soldiers compete in shooting, climbing a 70-foot tower, rescue techniques and other exercises.