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One of my cousins is having jet lag

I get really, really bad jet lag. The flight from Atlanta to Tokyo is about 14 hours. Going to Tokyo is not a problem.

It's coming home that gets me. It takes about two weeks for me to get back to normal.

Even the daylight saving time bothers me for a week or so.

It affects people differently.

So it's not unusual for my one of my cousins to get hit hard by jet leg. Kenichi is having big-time problems. He's waking up in the middle of the night -- several times. And he'll fall asleep during the day and early evening. Just like me.

I hope he gets back on track soon.

My other cousin, Tsuneo, doesn't seem to have problems. He's actually not my cousin. He's married to my cousin, Hiromi.

Since they got here, well, Atlanta, Saturday, Tsuneo has been trying desperately to get connected on Skype, with no results. I tried and Hiromi wasn't online.

I got a call on my iPhone from Hiromi via Skype, but I couldn't figure out how to get it to work, exactly.

So I switched to my laptop and they were able to talk tonight

This week, they'll be staying at my brother's house. Next week, they'll come over to our house.

I'm taking next week off, so I'm sure I'll be driving them around town.

We'll show them Columbus.