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The 2012 presidential election: Do you matter?

Now that Mitt Romney has secured the Republican nomination, it's time to ask the difficult questions that have been nagging us these past few weeks. You know, questions such as does your vote matter?

Ouch. We know, it hurts to pose such queries. Especially when the answer is no, as it is for most states.

Take Georgia, for example. If you support Romney, that's great. Georgia will go red in November whether you vote or not. States like Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi aren't in play, and we likely won't see tons of cash poured into TV ads here. We'll get our share of ads, but not like Colorado or Ohio or, dare we say its name, Florida.

If the candidates know that certain states aren't worth their time, which they do, then the question of who's the next president really comes down to a handful of states that could go either way. Those are the places that will tip the scales either way come November, and that means they'll get the most attention by the candidates during the campaign.

People in those states must feel pretty good about the disproportionate amount of power they have. As for the rest of us, we're just along for the ride.