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Joining the electronic age

Two weeks ago, all I had was an old Motorola Razr. A flip phone that was pretty top of the line then.

By the time I bought my iPhone 4S, my Razr was really showing its age. The battery would run down within hours. It seemed I was always plugging it in, and it had a new battery.

At work, we're all encouraged to have a smart phone. So it was really time for me to get a new phone.

I'm still having a tough time with it. But I am learning something new every day. Sometimes, I'm learnng more than one thing a day.

Then my cousins came from Japan, and one of them handed me an iPad that his son had bought for me.

Tsuneo said his son, Yuichi, wanted me to learn how to use it and then show my mother, so she could call on Skype on her own any time she wanted.


So from not owning a smart phone, an iPod or a tablet, I now own a smart phone and an iPad. I think with my iPhone, I really don't need an iPod.

Perhaps if I could have worked on learning how to use my iPhone for a month, and then got the iPad, I wouldn't be so stressed out.

So wish me luck.