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You've got to see the "Papercuts" exhibit

One of the most unusual exhibits ever is called "Papercuts: A Poetic Interplay of Light and Shadow." And you've got a few days to see it in the Columbus State University Illges Gallery in the Corn Center for the Visual Arts. To get in the gallery, use the east entrance on Front Avenue.

Artists Jaq Belcher, Beatrice Coron, Michelle Forsyth, Reni Gower, Lenka Konopasek, Lauren Scanlon and Daniella Woolf, take paper and cut intricate designs into them. I mean some of the cuts are teeny tiny and probably took months if not years to do.

It's gorgeous, but kind of disturbing that someone would take that kind of care to make all those cuts. Makes me wonder if they've got a life?

The exhibit closes next Tuesday. The gallery is open noon-4 p.m. Tuesday-Wednesday and Friday, noon-6 p.m. Thursday and 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday.

Call 706-507-8301.

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