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Would you marry yourself?

The idea of saying "I do" to yourself isn't exactly a new concept, but you might be interested in this writer's account of tying the knot without a partner.

Here's an excerpt from her essay:

I awoke on my wedding day concerned that I hadn't spent enough time thinking about my vows. After all, the whole point of this ceremony was to commit an act of public self-love, albeit of the type that wouldn't result in my arrest. This could end up being a really meaningful moment in my life, a turning point in how I behaved in relationship to myself and to other people.

There's nothing wrong with a little self-love. In fact, embracing your own awesomeness -- whether or not it's done in an official ceremony -- can actually help you pursue healthy, stable romantic relationships.

But naturally, I don't think we need to view self-love and, um, partner love as an "either/or" deal. In other words, marrying yourself doesn't have to mean you've shut yourself off from all other committed relationships.

Weigh in: Is marrying yourself a cheap gimmick, or a genuine form of personal growth?