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The Starbucks 'secret' menu

Even though I've been laying off the caffeine lately, I consider myself an avid Starbucks supporter. When I was in college, the coffee shop was almost a daily stop for me, especially when one opened up on my route to campus. Every time I pass by one at a mall or airport or hotel (um, anywhere), I feel a gravitational pull stronger than my disdain for long lines.

As such a connoisseur, I was surprised to read that the popular coffee chain boasts a "secret" menu.

Really, it's just ways to order a combination of things already on their menu, but it's kind of fun to see the creative things that have been developed. I especially like the sound of the Biscotti Frappuccino (buy a biscotti and have the barista blend it into your favorite Frappe) and the Captain Crunch (strawberries & creme frappe with a pump of caramel, two pumps of toffee, one pump of hazelnut and two scoops of chocolate chips).

I usually don't order straight off the menu anyway — I like adding flavor shots and espresso shots, so this is a fun new list of drinks to try. (Bonus: A few are non-coffee drinks, so even the new non-caffeinated me can try some!)

Have you ever ordered from the "secret" menu? Or do you have your own special drink you order at Starbucks?