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Nearly 200 expectant moms treated to baby shower at Fort Benning

Nearly 200 expecting mothers were treated Friday to a huge baby shower at the Kelley Hill Recreation Center at Fort Benning.

The event sponsored by Carter’s Inc., and K.I.D.S, Kids In Distressed Situations treated expectant mothers to lunch and a gift bag filled with clothes, gift certificates and other items valued at up to $130.

Ashley Broughton, seven months pregnant and expecting her second daughter, said the event gave her a chance to meet other mothers and get information.

“It means a lot to me as a military mom,” said Broughton, whose husband Sgt. Jeremy Broughton is assigned to the 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division. “I am away from my family. They try to support me as smuch as they can but you don’t get all the supoport you really need.”

Being away from family and having a deployed husband for a long period of time are among the challenges military moms face, Broughton said.

“It worked OK when we were first married,” Broughton said. “I could do a lot of things to keep myself busy, like going to school. It’s harder with a child because of separation. I have to be mother and father and run the household. Those are some of the challenges that affect us the most.”