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Mandarin oranges add surprising flavor to salsa for fish tacos

A mandarin orange salsa takes these fish tacos to an exciting layer of flavor. This recipe is from the food blog Gimme Some Oven available at

The sweet mandarin oranges cool down the spicy jalapeno and the crunch from the red peppers and red onions gives the dish a nice variety of textures.

My husband gave our tilapia filets a good coating of a store-bought cajun spice mix and grilled the fish. To grill fish, I like to spread a bit of butter on a piece of foil (this just makes it easy to remove the fish later). Then put the fish on the center of the foil and wrap the foil around the fish to make a little packet. The fish is steamed inside its foil packet and cooks evenly using this process.

I like to use the toaster oven for my tortillas because it's super fast, about 30 seconds once the oven is hot. I like my tortillas slightly toasted rather than just warmed until they're pliable.

This was a quick and fairly healthy dinner. Try it some weeknight! I had some extra salsa and used it in a spinach salad the next day for lunch. I added almonds and red grapes to the salad. It was delicious! I'll make extra salsa next time.