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Shanty Shack goes smoke-free: Some people rejoice, others complain

If you missed my nightlife column this week -- an innocent oversight, I'm sure -- you might not know that the Shanty Shack is now smoke-free.

Don't worry: You can smoke on the patio outside the nightclub at 4475 Warm Springs Road. You just can't smoke inside.


I recently posted the news on the Ledger's Facebook page and told people to hit "like" if they want to see more smoke-free bars in Columbus and comment if they don't mind the smoke.

More than 90 people "liked" the post, but it also spawned just over 50 comments -- a mix of people opposing the decision and a few people disagreeing with them. It was quite a spirited discussion, and I'd like to share a few of the comments.


"People have been smoking in bars since the beginning of time and they are going to lose a lot of business over this. It's not church or the friggin library. It's a place to do exactly what you said...and smoking relaxes smokers. We shouldn't have to get up and lose our table to go outside and smoke. We have rights too."


"Smokers have rights until your smoke goes into the air, and into the lungs of non smokers. Than your endangering the lives of others, and thats no way constitutional. Why do non-smokers have to suffer because of smokers? You can do what ever you want to your body, the Constitution will defend that until your harming others around you."


"How about alcohol & smoke free? Who says that that the only way to stay entertained is to do that which is going to kill us in the long run? Not knocking those that do these things, but just saying!"


"That's why I stay home. Cause I can smoke like a chimney if I want. And I don't have to get in trouble for knocking somebody out for bitching about my smoking. B/c I will..."


"Keep the smoking, outlaw Karaoke."