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Make Veggie Wrap Bites for picnics, parties

These Veggie Wrap Bites are a perfect picnic food for vegetarians and a tasty snack for almost everyone. Since there's no meat or mayonnaise-based sauces involved in their creation, they'll last longer on a picnic or buffet table than a lot of party dishes.

To make them, just take a tortilla (whatever flavor you like) and spread liberally with hummus. For those pictured, I just used a store-bough spinach and artichoke hummus. Next, cut vegetables into matchstick-size pieces and place in the middle of the tortilla, pressing slightly so the veggies stick to the hummus. I used red peppers, carrots, artichoke hearts and cucumber in my wrap bites.

Then, fold up the bottom and top ends of the tortilla and roll in the sides of the tortilla. Finally, slice into bite-size pieces and stick each with a toothpick for easy handling.