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Army wives offer travel savvy tips for vacation attire

It's time to plan your summer trips. Fill up the gas tank and stop by The Blue Door Boutique for some trendy destination attire. Our travel savvy May models are all Army wives. These moms know how difficult it can be to travel in style with children.

Comfort can't be ignored when it comes to travel attire. On the plan and in the care, opt for cropped pants and a comfy light sweater.

A maxi dress is must-have for any vacation. This simple and refreshing wardrobe item makes you look done-up when you least feel it but it's casual enough to wear all day. Finally, you need a dressy option for the night out, wedding, or party that you've traveled so far to attend. This summer, the little black dress gets a refreshing make-over. A simple blue silk mini dress is a perfect summer evening option. The little blue dress is a fun, colorful take on that classy wardrobe staple.

Take it from these Army wives and mothers: in order to have the best travel experience, moms need to look and feel pretty.

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Kimberly Kapacziewski: Kim is originally from Columbus, her husband Joe is stationed here at Ft. Benning, however, the Kapacziewski family will be visiting Texas and Florida this summer with their two boys, Wyatt, 2 and a half, and Cody 1 and a half.

White 'It' cropped jeans $78

Coral shark bite sweater $ 54

Nikibiki famous tank in cockatoo $25

Twist necklace $28

Hammered gold bangle set $26

Julie Morelli: Julie and her husband Steve have a 9 month old son, Samuel. They have previously lived at Ft. Stewart in Savannah, Georgia and is currently loving living in Columbus because of her husband's duty at Ft. Benning.

-'Glam' royal blue tulip sleeve silk dress $89

-Rose gold bangle set $24

-Gold tear drop shaped earrings $30

Alexa Smith: Alexa has accompanied her husband, Tony, to Columbus a whopping 3 times! Her children are Destry, 3, and Velzy, 20 months old. Their stay here in Columbus is almost over, they will be moving to Savannah in July. Their previous locations have been in Ft. Carson, Colorado and Shofield Barracks, Hawaii. Aloha!

-Kelly green chevron stripe maxi dress $ 46

-Big blue rock necklace $36