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Can Mitt Romney defeat Barack Obama?

Now that Mitt Romney has crushed his opposition with his steely toed boot, it's way past time to move on to the general election.

Primaries can be brutal; Romney's was. It cost cash, time and far too much effort for someone who was supposed to be preordained. Looking back, we'll likely scoff that it took Romney so long to vanquish the guy who wanted to ban porn, the adulterer on his third wife and the crazy old man who mumbles about dissolving the federal reserve and returning to the gold standard.

But at least Romney did defeat those guys and move into general election mode. If you didn't believe it once Rick Santorum backed out some three weeks ago, you've got to believe it after Tuesday's five-state primary, which Romney swept. Romney is the standard bearer of the Republican Party. Note to the faithful: it is past time to get in line and swear allegiance.

With all the primary nastiness behind him, Romney can focus on defeating Barack Obama in November. There's a few problems, though. The economy is kind of getting a little better. Also, Romney's no charismatic most interesting politician in the world that's going to sway independents with his subtle charms.

Like all presidential elections, this is about the swing states and the independent voters in those states. The question is, how do the candidates convince voters in those states that they're the right guy for the job?

We here at PP&B have a few suggestions for Romney, which we will provide free of charge:

Pick a vice presidential candidate who has experience and isn't going to prostitute herself or her children out to some reality TV show. Sarah Palin, we're looking at you.

Get your message and stick to it. Obamacare will destroy the nation. America has lost jobs under Obama. Whatever. Don't let facts get in the way of your message.

Attack like a rabid dog. Everyone goes negative these days. There's no way around it. Point to Colombian prostitutes and GSA corruption, as long as it resonates with the voter. Move on to something else if those don't work, like your opponent eating dog when he was young.

Because if there's anything that's going to save this country, it's candidates arguing about canines.