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Possible Lifetime TV addiction: 7 Days of Sex

This might be the best thing to hit Lifetime since Nancy McKeon.

I've succumbed to the anticipation surrounding tonight's premiere of "7 Days of Sex" on Lifetime. The show, which premieres at 10 p.m., "challenges couples to have sex for one week straight with the hope of saving their marriage."

Yes, it's a reality series.

Sure, the concept generates concerns. Reality TV's inherent voyeurism gets even creepier when you throw the beast with two backs into the equation. And there's something a little unsettling about how once-private therapy sessions have become an enticing premise for good TV.

That said, it seems our cultural willingness to openly discuss sex is only growing. I don't think the show's existence alone is offensive, given the fact that shows like this are on the programming horizon.

After all, "scheduling" sex to help fix a relationship isn't a new idea.

A Philadelphia Daily News article notes, "These seven-day challenges -- some have extended them to 30 days, or even to 365 -- have become popular in recent years in some churches looking to stress the joys of lifetime commitment. And there are at least a couple of how-to books out for people who need help grasping the concept."

Back in my Catholic high school days, one of our religion teachers used to constantly compare sex to frosting. Her reasoning? Just like we use frosting to cover a cake's flaws, sex can also be used to cover the flaws in a relationship.

I'll give her some props. It kind of makes sense.

However, connecting with someone physically can directly impact your ability to connect emotionally. Bonding in bed for seven days straight doesn't solve all your problems, but it might help you believe that the thrill isn't gone.

So, um, bring on the seven days.