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Write in Uptown on Saturday

“Write Uptown” is scheduled for 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday (April 28). It’s free and anyone who likes to write is invited to attend. During the Write-a-Thon, writers will write novels, theses, poems, exposés, love-letters, short stories, blog entries and autobiographies, until they run out of ink or battery.

Coffee will be served and there will be a forum for readings later in the day. Organizers hope the history, architecture and lively street life in the Columbus Historic District and Uptown Columbus will inspire writers during the event. Maps of suggested locations to write and inspiring photos will be available to help writers get creative.

There really are no rules. Traditionally, in a write-a-thon, people break into groups of three to five writers and travel by foot to an agreed upon location. Once there, they will each write their own pieces, whatever that may be, for an hour or so, before moving on to the next spot. But writers are welcome to write alone, too.

Writers meet at Vintage 222, at The Rothschild-Pound House Inn, 222 7th Street. Feel free to just show up Saturday morning. Need more information? Call 706-324-7440.

This concept has been celebrated in many cities, most recently, New Orleans and New York. It’s just one more way for Columbus to celebrate the arts, creativity and the written word.