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Cinco de Mayo calls for guacamole

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo on Saturday (May 5) with salty tortilla chips dipped in fresh made guacamole and washed down with a margarita on the rocks. My favorite way to make guacamole is simple. Simply cut an avocado in half and remove the pit with your knife. Spoon out the good stuff and lightly mash in a bowl with kosher salt and pepper, to taste, and lime (or lemon) juice to stall browning. Confused as to how to crack into that avocado? Get some great tips here.

Feel free to add a little minced red onion, half a finely minced jalapeno (if you like it spicy), chopped tomatoes and torn cilantro but don't overdo the add-ins. Sometimes simple really is best and if you have a wonderfully fresh avocado, you don't want to overpower it's flavor.

Your avocado is ripe if it gives a bit when you apply slight pressure but doesn't dent. If it dents, it's overripe. Open it up and expect to see a lot of brown spots. If the avocado is hard like a rock, then it's not yet ripe. Put it in closed paper bag overnight to speed up the ripening process.

I also love to place slices of avocado on top of soft tacos. Just sprinkle with kosher salt and pepper, and you have a lovely and tasty garnish for your tacos.