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Garry Krinsky toys with science at RiverCenter show

Garry Krinsky uses circus skills, miming techniques and music to entertain and teach kids basic science concepts.

Once Krinsky "who kind of failed at science as a kid," understood the basic concepts, science suddenly became clear.

He shares that clarity -- and a lot of laughs -- with audiences of "Toying With Science," which comes to the RiverCenter Friday. The show is geared toward kids in kindergarten through sixth grade.

"I'm silly. I'm a physical cartoon," Krinsky said.

He aims to entertain both parents and kids during his shows.

"I don't talk down to the audience," Krinsky said. "I use a lot of humor, but it's what I call Popeye humor. Some of it goes over the heads of the kids."

Krinsky's show is constantly changing as he learns new things.

"I'm very analytical. I can see the patterns in my work. It helps me grow and learn new things. That's the kind of cool thing about science ... The more I learn, the more I want to learn," he said.

Krinsky's material fits into what he thinks youngsters should be learning in science classes. He explains how things like energy and machines work.

He often hears from adult members of the audience who say they learned something from the show.

"What I'm teaching is relative to everyone," Krinsky said.

He's constantly moving on the stage. A competitive runner and triathlete, he stays in shape, which he uses to his advantage.

"I've got speed and energy," Krinsky said.

Those certainly come in handy while entertaining kids from stage.

"I burn a lot of calories doing shows. But my mind is sharp because I'm not depleted," he said.

He enjoys interacting with people and leaves the theater's house lights on so he can answer questions from the audience.

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