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Smiths Station High School makes fun YouTube video

We've already posted a link to Facebook about this, but I couldn't resist.

Smiths Station High School has put together a 12+ minute video featuring several songs, ranging from Elvis' "Jailhouse Rock" to "Let's Get It Started" by the Black Eyed Peas, that features students from the school lip-synching and dancing. It's pretty fun and creative.

Check it out:

Apparently, it features all the students from the school, which is a pretty amazing feat considering that the only other time that happens is in the yearbook. Plus, I think if my high school would have attempted something like this, I would have been one of those lame "I'm too cool for this" kind of kids (though I certainly was not).

So good on them for getting the student body to come together like this! I imagine it took plenty of time and planning. It's gotten quite a few hits so far (over 12,000), but here's hoping it goes viral.