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May 4th is Star Wars Day: May the fourth be with you

It's time to peruse Wookieepedia and flaunt your best Princess Leia hairstyle.

Today, May 4, is Star Wars Day. Don't know how to celebrate? Begin by enthusiastically saying, "May the fourth be with you."

Get it? Fourth instead of force? Because to today is May 4?

Wookieepedia -- the Wikipedia for "Star Wars" fans -- notes that people celebrate May 4 by watching the film series in succession.

Today, you're also free to answer all inquiries with a confident "Han shot first."

Why am I writing this on a dating blog? Well, when I met my boyfriend, I hadn't seen any of the "Star Wars" films. Shame on me. But that changed when I endured a power marathon of the major "Star Wars" films -- that is, the ones that don't involve Natalie Portman.

I fell asleep at least twice during the marathon. Other than that, it was awesome.