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More post-college music

My column today focuses on music for post-college life -- songs to celebrate being broke, out on your own and young.

Here are some more of my favorites that I didn't mention in the column:

I Wish I Could Go Back to College (Avenue Q): Don't we all?

Taller Children (Elizabeth and the Catapult): For those days when you can't seem to figure this "being an adult" thing out.

Uncharted (Sara Bareilles): I love all the celebrity cameos in this videos -- Ben Folds! Adam Levine! Drake! Josh Groban...with a banana? The song's good, too. Sometimes you won't have a plan for your life, but that's okay.

Shake It Out (Florence & the Machine): Had a bad day and wish you could just start over? Listen to this song.

What are some of your favorite post-college/20-something songs?