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Sexy time in marriage: Sleep apart, stay together?

The phrase "separate beds" is no longer viewed as a relationship death sentence.

Search the Internet and it probably won't take long to find an essay from someone who vows separate beds -- maybe even separate bedrooms -- have saved his or her romance. Some people say the setup lets long-term relationships maintain a necessary level of mystery.

Not to mention a practical concern: Sometimes, it's pretty darn hard to get a decent amount of sleep when you're sharing a bed.

A recent Huffington Post essay boasts this headline: "Separate bedrooms can steam up a marriage ." An excerpt:

My architect husband tells me that more clients are asking for separate quarters when designing new homes or in the re-design of older homes. The National Homebuilders Association predicted this trend in a survey conducted in 2007 in which a panel of experts was asked questions about "The Home Of The Future", one of which addressed separate bedrooms. The panel's prediction at that time was that the demand for dual master bedroom suites "would increase significantly for upscale new homes".

Weigh in: Do you think learning to share a bed with someone is a necessary part of any romantic relationship?