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Key Lime Parfaits a hit on Mother's Day

Gena Knox recently shared her recipe for Key Lime Parfait with Ledger-Enquirer food readers. Check it out here if you missed it.

My husband surprised me with the tasty dessert last week and it was so good we made it for my mom on Mother's Day. These individual portions were delicious and cute! Mom was thrilled with the homemade treat. Everyone was convinced they were terribly time consuming and complicated but (shhh) they're really easy. The trickiest part was separating the eggs! I was forced to discard two egg whites when I, foolishly, cracked my third egg over the whites and broke its yolk. Oops.

We actually used bottled key lime juice instead of fresh key limes. I'm generally not a fan of those bottled juices but in this case the dessert still tasted fresh and wonderful. We made the parfaits on Saturday night. They sat in the fridge overnight, and then made a two-hour trip to Griffin in a cooler.

I know we'll continue to make this recipe all summer. It's a perfect dessert for a summer dinner party!