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her beauty: Summer trends for your nails

This season's biggest nail advice: Get ready to rock.

Stone-inspired colors dominate current nail polish trends. Sure, neon pinks and oranges will still decorate toes. But when it comes to fingers, you'll likely see friends flaunting colors with names like "Rubble."

"It's everywhere," licensed nail technician Taryn Benefiel said of fashion's focus on darks and greys. Benefiel works at Sunday's Ultimate Day Spa (2301 Brookstone Centre Parkway, Bldg. 300, Columbus).

Pay special attention to the ring finger.

That's another one of this season's nail trends: painting the ring finger a different color than the rest of your hand, according to Benefiel.

Ready to move beyond chipped nails and cracked polish? Consider these tips.

Gellin' and gorgeous

It looks like the gel manicure isn't a passing fad.

When the process -- which involves light-cured nail polish -- first surfaced, many people wondered if it would maintain popularity amid traditional manicures and pedicures.

The gel manicure remains a requested service.

"The biggest trending thing right now is going to be gel polish," Benefiel said.

The gel process doesn't require the long dry time of traditional manicures, and it generally lasts longer. Expect it to last about two weeks, Benefiel said.

At Sunday's Ultimate Day Spa, a gel manicure costs $35. Do-it-yourself gel manicure kits are available, but those kits require you to purchase a special light. And remember, the process isn't necessarily easier than the way you currently paint your nails. "It's a little more time-involved than a regular manicure," Benefiel said.

Also, you'll need to go back to the salon to have the gel polish removed, or you can use special gel polish remover. Gel polish can be used on fingers and toes.

"It's great for runners. It's great for people that spend a lot of time at the beach," Benefiel said.

Color that sticks

You've seen nail polish stickers in stores and asked a simple question: "Do those work?" Benefiel has an answer.

"They are neat. They work," she said. "They're not going to do any damage, either."

The stickers, which are applied directly to your nails and resemble regular polish, come in both drugstore brands like Sally Hansen and higher-end offerings.

You apply the sticker to a clean nail and file it down to fit your length. The stickers generally last seven to 10 days, Benefiel said. Remove the stickers with regular polish remover.

Unsure about the process? You can bring your nail stickers to Sunday's and have them applied professionally.