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her fashion: Beat the heat in cool dresses

I've always heard the saying, "girls don't sweat, they glisten." Well, if you have experienced Columbus in the heat of summer (April through October) you know that saying doesn't really stand true. Here at her magazine, we try hard all year to deliver up-and-coming fashion tips and ideas to women across the Chattahoochee Valley.

I feel it's especially important we give you great tips in the summer. Whether your make-up is melting off your face, if your hair ends up tied back everyday, and if you get sweat stains in unfortunate places, don't fear!

We found a great store that has the most adorable sweat concealing dresses... and a whole lot more great summer stuff. The Outside World located on 1025 Broadway, carries an array outdoor wear appropriate for almost every summer occasion.

From sunglasses, to water jugs, kayaks, and of course dresses, The Outside World has it. If you're planning on attending a picnic or an casual outdoor cocktail party this month, our models Mia and Gambina show off some of the adorable options available at The Outside World.

Mia Rice is a 5th grade teacher at Brookstone School. She and her husband Brooks have 3 children: Rosemary 9, Brooks 8, and Hinton 6. The Rice's favorite summer activities include going to the pool, the beach, and going on bike rides.

Mia's outfits:

North Face 'Echo Lake halter dress' $65

Prana 'Sonja dress' $70

Gabina Ramroop works with State Farm Insurance Company. She and her husband Mahesh have 2 children: Alejandro Valentino and Joel Anthony. The Ramroop family enjoys the summer by spending time with Gabina's parents and brother, going to the beach, and watching soccer games.

Gabina's outfits:

Patagonia 'Kamala dress' (doubles as a skirt!) $ 65

Prana 'Quinn dress' $72

The Outside World

1025 Broadway

Columbus, Georgia 31901


Monday-Saturday 10-7