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New music from Regina Spektor: 'What We Saw from the Cheap Seats'

I was introduced to Regina Spektor's music years ago by a friend via a mix tape and I've been hooked on the Russian-American songstress ever since.

I passed along her tunes on a mix tape to my husband (before we were married) while he was overseas and he, too, took to Regina's quirky style.

Her newest release, "What We Saw from the Cheap Seats," hit stores on Tuesday and it's gotten mostly positive reviews.

I particularly like the opening to this one from Consequence of Sound: "Sonic chameleon Regina Spektor is hard to predict. The only things her songs tend to have in common are their eclecticism and their emphasis on her piano and her voice. The latter in particular is impossible to overlook."

I listened to the album last week when it was streaming on NPR's website and I was happier with it than her previous release, 2009's "Far." I especially like "Oh Marcello," which really reminds me of her earlier work as it's sort of silly and fun, but also beautiful.

If you've never listened to Regina, I think the new album gives a pretty good impression of her as an artist, but I'm partial to "Begin to Hope." Here are a few samples of her songs.

"All the Rowboats" from What We Saw from the Cheap Seats:

"Fidelity" from Begin to Hope:

"Samson" from Begin to Hope: