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I just don't like him

I am just not a fan of Tom Cruise. I know people who think I'm crazy, but I've never liked him. Even at the height of the "Top Gun" wave, I was a huge Val Kilmer fan. Tom Cruise? Nah.

He was the narrator of the IMAX film at the Kennedy Space Center and I'm afraid I fell asleep. There was something about his voice.

Then there's the Reacher thing. I just don't get it.

Lee Child has written a series about a character named Jack Reacher, a former Army MP major. Reacher is supposed to be blond, 6-foot-5 and about 250 lbs. Cruise is what, my size?

Before he signed, he should have read one of the books. Or at least used Google. He would have known that there are a lot of Lee Child fans, which means a lot people have read his books. If he were smart, he would have said, "Thank you, but no."

I guess it was the movie version of "Interview with the Vampire." When Cruise signed, she was all up in arms. She wanted Rutger Hauer, whom she had in mind when she wrote the book. After the movie was done, she admitted Cruise did a good job.

Maybe Child is thinking the same thing that Cruise can overcome the height thing.

Maybe. But I'm still thinking Cruise is so wrong for this role. If Liam Neeson were 15 years younger.

Me, I think Alexander Skarsgard might be a good fit.

Oh, well, it's Hollywood.