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Boogie to celebrate The Loft

Since I arrived in Columbus seven years ago, The Loft has been my go-to spot to celebrate birthdays, to say goodbye to friends who were moving out of town, to welcome new colleagues and to congratulate soon-to-be-married girlfriends.

It's been a first- and last-date destination for many friends and a great place to grab a quick drink or to relax and enjoy an evening of amazing music.

Today it's my turn -- and yours -- to celebrate this place which has played host to so many of our celebrations.

The Loft celebrates its 20th anniversary today with The Loft's Broadway Boogie from 5 p.m. to midnight at the 1000 block of Broadway. An outdoor stage will be used as well as the usual Loft stage.

Some highlights:


5:30 p.m. Kent Duchaine

6:15 p.m. Precious Bryant

7 p.m. Pershounin Project

8 p.m. Matthew Kahler, Kodak Harrison, Garrett Lee, Justin Belew, Marshall Ruffin

9 p.m. Shawn Mullins Band

10 p.m. Keni Thomas & Cornbread reunion

11 p.m.: Broadway Boogie Band -- Neal Lucas, Marshall Ruffin, Lloyd Bucannan, Lady V, Kevin Vanoy, Evan Collin, Steve Thompson


8 p.m. Just Friends

10 p.m. Lil Joey's Jumpin' Jive

Midnight: Jam session

Be sure to grab a copy of Sunday's paper to read Chuck Williams' interviews with Loft owner Buddy Nelms.

For more information on today's celebration, visit

Summer Side Show

Music-loving teens will gather at Woodruff Park, at 10th Street and Bay Avenue in downtown Columbus, from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. today for Summer Side Show.

Tickets cost $30 at the door and about 50 acts are scheduled to perform at the one-day music festival.

Indie rock, metal and punk groups will play. Read Sonya Sorich's article about the show at

Though the exact lineup won't be released until today at the show, you'll get a glimpse at who will be performing.

I love scanning the list of creative band names. My vote for best name this year is Columbus group The Great Paper Castle.

Cool History

The National Civil War Naval Museum at Port Columbus kicks off its summer "Cool History" programs today 1-4 p.m.

The USS Water Witch, of which there's a full-scale model at Port Columbus, is the focus of today's program.

Expect tours of the ship and a presentation that tells the ship's tale. In June of 1864, Confederate naval forces attempted to capture the USS Water Witch when it was anchored near Savannah as part of the Union blockade. The program is free with museum admission, $6-$7.50. 706-327-9798.

Visit Pasaquan

Pasaquan, which was once the home of eccentric artist Eddie Owens Martin and a haven for other artists, is open 10 a.m.-4 p.m. today and the first Saturday of each month through November. Murals, sculptures and other artwork is displayed at the estate in Buena Vista Admission is $5. For directions, visit

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