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I remember the Loft from years ago

I can't believe the Loft, 1032 Broadway, is 20 years old.

I remember Buddy Nelms taking me upstairs. There was absolutely nothing there.

He had just finished renovating the space. The floor was absolutely beautiful. The walls were the original brick and the ceiling was high and tall.

I just gasped. I told Buddy that the space was what I'd envision a big city loft to be.

A few weeks later, he opened the space as a nightclub.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I heard he named it the Loft.

Later on, he said he took my comment to heart. He wanted a space where singer/songwriters could come and perform and people would be sitting around like in their living rooms.

And if anyone asks why he named it the Loft, Buddy always says it was my idea.

I'm sure other people said the same thing, but he's just such a nice guy.

I haven't been there in years but some of my favorite performers (Keni Thomas, Shawn Mullins and Matthew Kahler) will be there Saturday, so you just might see me.

The anniversary extravaganza is 5 p.m.-midnight. It's free.

Call 706-596-8141.