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Name: Ed Bostic

Age: 57

Residence: Hamilton, Ga.

Education: WIXY School of Broadcast Technique

Previous Jobs: An Ohio native, Bostic has worked in tire factories and other manufacturing shops. He has also worked as a professional musician playing in bands that entertained at many a wedding and Holiday Inn. He has been involved in radio since 1975. He came to Columbus and worked for four years at Joy FM and 12 years at Sunny 100 before coming to where he is now two years ago.

Family: He has been married to wife Kathy for 32 years. She is a court stenographer. He met her at a talent show where she was singing and he was playing the guitar. They have one daughter Katie, 19, who attends Columbus State University. Bostic loves spending free time with both.

Leisure Time: Likes doing yard work at home.