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In stores today: The Zombie Tarot

I am not sure there has been a single day at work when I was more excited than when I opened a package last month to find Zombie Tarot .

"One thing you will surely need when looking for advice and insight during these trying times (of the zombie apocalypse) is The Zombie Tarot," reads the press release.

The deck, which was created by writer and professional tarot card reader Stacey Graham and illustrator Paul Kepple, reminds me of a combination of two very popular AMC dramas: "Mad Men" meets "The Walking Dead."

The cards have a distinct retro vibe and one card in particular, The Fool, is practically a dead-ringer (ha!) for Don Draper. But seriously, they're almost pretty enough to display. Like, in frames on my living room wall.

As fun as they are to look at, I'm no tarot card reader. And so I accepted the offer of a reading via email from Stacey.

First she gave me a run-down on tarot readings:

"Just a little background on the tarot before I get started. There are 78 cards in the deck: Major Arcana – these give you a little knock to the back of the head from the universe as a message you need to pay attention to, and the Minor Arcana – they fill in the details and give you direction. The way I look at it, tarot is more like a guideline than an absolute: meaning it can show you the path you’re currently on and what’s coming up – but you’re always able to turn a corner and forge a new path or change present behaviors for a better outcome. "

I won't divulge the details of the reading (nosy!), but I do like Stacey's outlook and her fun, simple way of explaining things.

So who is this good for? According to the press release, " The Zombie Tarot makes the perfect gift for your comrades in the fight against the zombie horde, the host of your next apocalypse-preparedness drill, and even for the nonbelievers in your life (they'll thank you when the time comes!)."

About the book: Zombie Tarot, by Stacey Graham and Paul Kepple, was published by Quirk Books and is available at major retailers (including Amazon and Barnes & Noble) today with a suggested retail price of $16.95. The box contains 78 full-color cards and a 96-page instruction book.