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I just had to watch the Diamond Jubilee concert

I admit it. I'm a sucker for concerts. Well, especially if I don't have to drive anywhere, pay for a ticket and can sit on my sofa and complain and criticize. What's better than that?

So I'm watching Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee Concert.

A friend of mine, local girl Tiffany McGinnis now lives in London. On her blog last night, she wrote that Robbie Williams opened the show.

If you're watching the ABC version, Will.I.Am opened the show with some British pop tartlet.

Then Tom Jones took the stage and sang "Delilah." He sounded as good as ever. But he's gotten old. OK. I so have I, but I'm not in the public limelight lie he is.

Kylie Minogue looks really good for someone who is 44 and a breast cancer survivor, but did we really need to see her for what, four songs?

I thought Elton John was only get to sing two songs, but after the commercial break, he's back. He sounds good for a guy who is recovering from pneumonia.

I just asked my mother if Japan would do something like this for the Emperor. She said emphatically, no.

I do love it when the cameras panned to the royal box and watch the young royals singing along. Isn't Prince Harry just the cutest thing?

I really do not like Katie Couric. Really do not like Katie Couric. She actually said American royalty will perform, introducing Stevie Wonder. OK.

He's a legend. I get it, but royalty? C'mon, Katie. You can do better than tha.

Or maybe she can't.

Stevie sounded fabulous. Well, except for the birthday song.

Paul McCartney is 70 years old. That can't be right. Wait. It is right. I'll be 60 in September.

His voice is not good. I hate saying that because I love him. He was always my favorite Beatle.

The lighting effects, stage pyrotechnics and fireworks were amazing. And doesn't Buckingham Palace make a great backdrop for those effects?

Wait, Annie Lennox was just on stage and ABC didn't show her? And Shirley Bassey?

Now that's just wrong. Kylie for four songs and nothing by Annie or Shirley?

I was looking forward to seeing Grace Jones. I saw a little clip this morning and she looked fantastic. She's 64 and I wish I look like her.

I met her about 10 years ago, and was shocked because I expected to see someone who was 6-foot-5-inches tall, but she is just a few inches taller than me and I'm 5-feet-tall. She was very friendly and gracious.

But we didn't get to see her either.

Wonderful fireworks at the end. We did get to see that.

I'm glad I didn't have to fight the crowd and got to see at least part of the concert.

Maybe there will be a DVD out. I'll buy that.