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Los Lonely Boys bring 'Heaven' to Phenix City Saturday night

How far is "Heaven"? If you're in the Chattahoochee Valley on Saturday night, it's a lot closer than usual.

That's when the musicians from Los Lonely Boys will perform at the Phenix City Amphitheater. The show is open to all ages.

You probably know Los Lonely Boys from their smash hit "Heaven," which crossed multiple musical genres and earned the Texas act a Grammy.

The band hasn't disappeared into obscurity since the song's success. The musicians have released lots of material since "Heaven," including last year's "Rockpango" -- a disc that highlighted "progress, maturation and growth," according to bassist JoJo Garza.

Oh yeah, in case you didn't know, Los Lonely Boys is a trio of brothers.

They began playing behind their father in cantinas and honky-tonks. They moved to Nashville as teens, then returned to Texas.

What's the best way to describe their sound? It's billed as "Texican rock 'n' roll." They've recorded with acts ranging from Willie Nelson to Carlos Santana.

If you're attending Saturday's concert, be prepared for an entertaining night. Time has passed since "Heaven" first hit the radio, but the band's central focus hasn't changed.

"We're still Lonely Boys," JoJo Garza says in the band's online bio. "We're still family, we're still three brothers, we're still doing what the good Lord has blessed us with, and that's singing and playing for people who really want to listen."