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Meat man Michael Symon is a fan Meatless Monday

Celebrity chef Michael Symon is no vegetarian. The restaurant owner and Food Network star specializes in meat dishes. I was surprised to learn that he picks one day each week to abstain from eating meat. He'll even be giving a Meatless Monday cooking demonstration at Aspen's Food & Wine Classic later this month.

He shares a couple recipes for Meatless Monday in this Huffington Post article.

In the article he says he's not trying to convince people to become vegetarians but he does hope people eat meat in moderation and watch their portion sizes.

One of my favorite Meatless Monday meals is Zucchini Fritters. Here's a recipe for Herbed Zucchini Feta Fritters.

This recipe for Vegan Enchiladas is intriguing to me because it doesn't use any faux cheese. That stuff does not fool me!

If meat man Michael Symon can abstain from eating meat one day a week, it can't be that hard, right? Will you consider it?