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her fitness: Kara Layfield demonstrates 5 exercises

It's that time of year -- swimsuit season! While some people may relish buying a new suit or busting out their favorite bikini from last year, others may have reservations.

If you're not feeling quite ready to don your skin-revealing summer garb, Kara Layfield has some moves that could help.

Kara has been a personal trainer for six years and owner/operator of Boot Camp for five. She's currently offering Boot Camp sessions through CrossFit, held in uptown Columbus.

Here, she demonstrates exercises for each major muscle group that should help tone-up problem areas and get your body beach-ready in no time.

These exercises can be combined into one circuit with 15 repetitions of each exercise and up to three rotations.

The jump rope can be added before and/or after the work out for 5 minutes.

1. Kettlebell Swing -- works core, power, hips, glutes and shoulders

Use your hips to drive the kettlebell, not your arms

Maintain a tight core

Drive your weight on your heels

Keep your chest up -- don't let the kettlebell pull your shoulders down

The swing finishes with your hips fully extended and kettlebell overhead (over your heels)

2. Dips on Bench -- works triceps and shoulders

Sit up straight on the long edge of an exercise bench.

Place your hands on both sides of the bench just outside or right behind your hips

Without moving your legs, bring your glutes forward off the bench

Slightly lower yourself; when your elbows hit about 90 degrees push yourself up to the starting position

3. Scissor Lifts -- works core and legs

Lie on the floor with your legs stretched out in front of you.

Place your arms at your sides.

Lift your shoulders off the ground.

Keep legs straight and lift both legs off the ground in alternating motion

Do your best to keep your lower back pressed into the ground to prevent strain.

4. One Legged Squat or Pistol -- great for core, balance and glutes

Stand straight with your back facing the ball. Place the back of your heal against the bottom of the ball

Look forward and hold your arms straight out in front of you.

Starting with one leg held out in front of you, slowly lower yourself to the ball then stand back up to the starting position

5. Jump Rope -- cardiovascular, also great for arms and legs

Choose a rope appropriate to your size.

Use your hands and wrists to swing the rope over your head.

When the rope is coming toward the front of your feet, hop over it

Set a pace that works for you