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Broadway star and Tony award winner Bernadette Peters comes to the RiverCenter Saturday

Bernadette Peters is one of those actors who can go from television to Broadway to performance venues without breaking a sweat.

She finished a run of "Follies" on Broadway in January. Then she appeared on a few episodes of NBC's "Smash," where she played the mother of a young singer auditioning for the role of Marilyn Monroe. She plans to be in more episodes, too.

She reads television scripts carefully before deciding to appear on shows.

"I try to do shows when they are irresistible," she said.

She says a script has to be well-written for her to consider doing it. In recent years, she's appeared on "Grey's Anatomy" and "Ugly Betty."

Peters is likely best known for her Broadway work. She's been nominated for seven Tony Awards and won two -- for Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Song and Dance" in 1985 and "Annie Get Your Gun" in 1999.

In June, Peters won her third Tony, the Isabelle Stevenson Award, which goes to a person who does a lot of humanitarian or charitable volunteer work.

At Saturday's concert, Peters will present "a musical journey."

She'll sing well-known songs that she's famous for and two songs from "Follies."

"It's such a privilege to do this," Peters said. "To sing and perform. It fills me up and hopefully fills the audience up."

She doesn't like to play many back-to-back shows in different cities.

"I usually don't go from town to town. I do weekend gigs, then I come home," she said.

Personal side

When she's not on stage, Peters is often helping animals find forever homes.

She and her friend, Mary Tyler Moore, started Broadway Barks! 14 years ago. The organization promotes the adoption of shelter animals.

Peters owns three rescue pets: two dogs and a cat.

One of her pets is a 7-month-old puppy that she's trying, somewhat unsuccessfully so far, to get to stop chewing on her shoes.

At age 64, Peters thanks her family and lack of tanning for her healthy skin.

"First of all, good genes," she said. "I'm very fortunate in that my family is Sicilian. I think that helps."

She's never been fond of laying in the sun and she never learned to swim so beach-going wasn't an option.