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Halloween couples costumes: Awesome or awful?

You've reached a relationship milestone when you agree to dress as Ms. Gnome and Papa Gnome for Halloween. Yes, those getups are really available on, billed as "the largest catalog of couples costumes anywhere!"

I'm curious: When it comes to Halloween, are couples costumes sweet or tacky?

On one hand: You're bonding as a couple, making a collective decision and flaunting apparel that will likely make your less-infatuated friends jealous.

On the other hand: In most cases, you have to stay together all night or your costumes won't make sense. Also, couples costumes are generally pretty cheesy.

I perused the aforementioned website and found a few highlights: Storybook Wolf and Pinky Plush Pig, The Confessional and Naughty Nun and GlowMan and GlowGirl.

Yeah, I totally want to be Pinky Plush Pig.