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Everything you need to know about Movember and No Shave November

Hairy legs? Totally cool. Gnarly beards? Completely acceptable.

For 30 days, at least.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me guide you through the excessive body hair that's happening this month. See, there's Movember and No Shave November -- two separate, but somewhat similar, campaigns that encourage you to grow your body hair to promote awareness for a cause. Confused? I can explain.

Let's start with Movember. This campaign urges men to grow mustaches during November to raise awareness for men's health issues. Learn more here.

You can also participate in No Shave November, which is geared toward men and women. People tie their participation to a variety of charities. Learn more here.

Bottom line: Be kind to friends who are slacking in the hygiene department this month. More than likely, there's a method to their madness.

By the way, here's the "cats with mustaches" Tumblr you requested.