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Soldier Marathon and Half Marathon: What should you eat before the race?

The local Soldier Marathon and Half Marathon is Saturday, Nov. 10. I’m running the half marathon. Every day this week, I’ll devote a blog post to a race-related topic. Today’s discussion: food. What’s the best meal to eat before the big race, and are tales of carb-loading overrated?

In my fairly limited history of running, food is the topic that's attracted the most diverse collection of advice. Unfortunately, there's no fail-safe recipe for success. Literally.

The best tip? Don't try anything new on race day morning or on the days leading up to it. Ladies and gentlemen, this is not the time to experiment with your tolerance for spicy curry.

If you need advice beyond that, check out this article from Runner's World.

Its most helpful advice: "It's better to increase your carb intake for several days before the race rather than loading up on bread and pasta the night before — you could end up in a world of digestive hurt."

One more thing: A pasta dinner will be held Friday, Nov. 9, at the National Infantry Museum. Learn more here.