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Soldier Marathon and Half Marathon: Advice for post-race recovery

Congratulations to all the runners who will participate in the Soldier Marathon and Half Marathon this morning. You'll sweat through your mileage, burn some calories and cross the finish line.

The next step? Recovery. Consider this advice from Runner's World: "The recovery phase begins the moment you cross the finish line. Replace fluids, electrolytes, and glucose immediately."

The article adds, "Research indicates that refueling right after an event (within 30 minutes) is ideal because your body is designed to absorb the much-needed energy at a much faster rate than normal."

Here's another helpful guide with seven post-race recovery tips. Among the suggestions? "Don't sit down after the race, walk around. Keep the blood flowing by walking around for around 10 to 15 minutes post-race; then proceed to spend that same amount of time stretching."

What's your advice for runners cooling down after a big race?