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Some residents of Alabama and Georgia want to secede from the US

By now, you've probably heard some Internet buzz over terms like "secede" and "secession." Don't worry, there's a local connection. Georgia and Alabama are included in the many states where residents have filed online petitions to withdraw from the United States.

You can view all those petitions here.

Is it time to get fired up, write our own governing documents and anticipate an uncertain future?

Probably not. The Christian Science Monitor reminds us that secession is outlawed by the 14th Amendment of the Constitution.

"Of course, no state would launch a plan to secede on the whim of signatories to an online petition. Besides, the 14th Amendment, crafted after the Civil War, forbids states from declaring independence from the Union," the article notes.

The deluge of online petitions comes in response to the presidential election's outcome. You can sign and create online petitions via the White House's "We the People" campaign. If a petition gets 25,000 signatures within 30 days, the White House will review it and respond, according to the campaign's official terms of participation.

Weigh in: When, if ever, would you sign a petition for secession?