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American Idol's Phillip Phillips releases debut album

American Idol” winner Phillip Phillips, who hails from Leesburg, Ga., released his debut album on Nov. 19. The album, “The World From The Side Of The Moon,” includes the hit single “Home” as well as plenty of other tracks.

Here's a roundup of some reviews:

MJ's Big Blog notes, "Would I like an album of songs he co-wrote? After hearing an advance copy of the album last week I can answer that question with a resounding YES."

Entertainment Weekly gives the disc a "B" and calls it "the most relevant debut album the Idol machine has cranked out in years."

Idolator says, "Despite its wordy title, the album showcases Phillips’ potential as a musician, singer and songwriter who can rise above the generic pop that these reality competitions sometimes spawn."

Billboard calls the disc "one of the more engaging champion debuts in the show's inconsistent history."